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This is both an exciting and stressful process, and Andrea gave me the time and attention to make this a truly positive experience. She spent time with me to understand what I was looking for, and what was important to me in a home purchase. When looking for a home, she did a great job keeping my mind focused on what I wanted, so I wouldn't get sidetracked on other flashy things I saw that really weren't for me. She also did a nice job highlighting potential in certain homes so I wouldn't pass over a great home due to wallpaper or a paint color I didn't care for. She really helped me understand what's something easy to fix versus what would be a more costly update. She even helped me with area experts on certain fixes/services, so I wasn't in the dark on where to turn for home updates. She also helped me sell my condo, which was an emotional process for me. I had lived there for 9 years, and she did such an exceptional job presenting it. She brought in a wonderful photographer for the pictures, and did an incredible job marketing it. We weren't out of touch often throughout the process, and I always felt I had her full attention. It was her responsiveness and thoughtfulness throughout this process that allowed me to sell my condo quickly, and buy a home without issue.

Andrea is incredibly knowledgeable and great to work with. Within a couple of showings she knew exactly what we were looking for and helped us find the one. She knows the local market, rates, can recommend good people to work with, etc. We were definitely impressed by her and loved working with her.

Andrea was great! She was responsive to our needs and was she represented our house well. She is friendly and easy to work with. She understood the market in Madison and we benefited from her knowledge of pricing our home in a competitive market.

This was our second time working with Andrea. The first time was when we sold our home in Madison. The second time is when we purchased a home. Both times were very successful interactions. Andrea is personable and knowledgeable. She is timely with deadlines and communicates well with you. She looks out for her clients and is honest. I highly recommend working with Andrea.

Andrea helped me find my first home. I really enjoyed getting to know her both personally and as well as professionally. She is very passionate about her work and cares about the people she serves. I thank her for being such an amazing agent and an awesome person. I highly recommend Andrea.

Andrea was a great resource for us as first-time homebuyers. She advocated for our choice and helped us get a very nice price on our home. She was super fun to hang out with, too!

Andrea was amazing to work with! She recommended a bunch of great places (houses and condos since we were torn between the two) that we were able to sift through online to determine which ones we wanted to see in person. Her schedule was extremely flexible - we viewed places during normal business hours, evenings, and weekends. She was very responsive and honest about everything. It was a very fast time frame since the Madison market moves quickly but she made it much less stressful. This was our first home purchase. If/when we look for something else, we'll definitely work with Andrea.

Happy first-time home buyer!

I was so happy to work with Andrea while buying my first house! I didn't know much about the process at the start but she explained everything to me up front and answered my questions as we went. She was responsive to what I was looking for, even when my budget and location changed. Andrea made sure I didn't feel like I had to buy something just because we were looking at a ton of houses; she was really patient and positive (even tirelessly showing me places while pregnant!) She's lived in and around Madison for a long time, so it's hard to find a neighborhood she doesn't know well. The most important thing to me, though, was I knew she was looking out for me to get the right thing. Normally she was neutral when discussing homes we were looking at, but if there was something major that would be costly to fix or if I was really reaching outside of what I wanted, she made sure I knew that. Looking at homes can get overwhelming and exhausting, but Andrea kept me honest with myself so in the end I got something I absolutely love, rather than settling for something less.

She holds you to a high standard

Andrea is absolutely amazing, from her deep passion to find the best fit for her clients, to her incredibly prompt turnaround times, to her drive to always do what is right (even when it isn't easy), I would recommend Andrea for purchases & listings. She is very research-oriented, she holds you to a high standard as a client (which you will appreciate in the long run)... Plus she is super fun :)

Proved herself invaluable

At first we weren't sure if we wanted to use a realtor at all, but I am so incredibly grateful that we decided to work with Andrea. From start to finish, she proved herself invaluable during the home sale process. Andrea helped us find great contractors at great prices, she helped us stage the home, she priced our house right, she helped us navigate a very complicated market and some complicated offers, she went above and beyond to make sure the sale went off without a hitch, and she negotiated fiercely to help us get top dollar for our home. She was organized, she treated us with respect and honesty, and she was also a lot of fun to work with. All of her hard work paid off, because we ended up with one of the most popular listings in Madison and quite a few offers to choose from. When those offers got complicated, she looked out for our best interest and negotiated terms that ended up saving us thousands of dollars. That alone was worth having her as a realtor. Andrea is an incredible negotiator, is highly connected in the community, cares about her clients, and is someone you want in your court because she delivers great results. Andrea is the best of the best. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor, and I wish we would have had her when we bought our house!

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